Hello, I’m Veronique Maria, an artist, creativity coach and artist’s mentor. I work with committed and ambitious artists* who want to raise their bar by being more fully aligned to themselves and their creativity. These creators generally already have a good sense of what it means to have an established practice, and they want to connect more deeply in order to realise their greatest potential.

(*artists – including writers, poets, musicians, choreographers, film makers, architects, designers, visual artists, anyone living a creative life who wants to bring their creativity more to the forefront of their existence.)

I have been working in the arts since 1970s, and I’ve been a full time self employed artist since 1996. I have an academic background in fine art, craft and design, and a masters degree in Applied Psychosynthesis Psychology (as applied to professional fine art practice). My professional trainings include Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, (psycho-spiritual psychology), life coaching and co-active leadership. I’m a practicing Buddhist and am particularly interested in energy work, body wisdom and our interconnectedness with one another and all things.

I believe that every human is born creative and that when we are properly aligned with our creative selves we can more easily trust our intuition, respond to it with confidence, follow our urges with clarity and courageously believe in our inner knowing.

However, when our alignment with our creativity and our source of deep wisdom is disrupted or interrupted in some way, we can become lost to ourselves; confused, hesitant, mistrusting and fearful. This is when our resistance, inertia and defences can kick in.

The main focus to my work as creativity coach and artist’s mentor is to help you remember, reconnect, and strengthen your relationship with your creative self and grow your self referring centre, so that listening and responding to you deepest inner knowing becomes your most automatic way of being.

I want to help you strengthen your creative core so that you can dance in your fullest creative potential and feel truly at home there.

I work with individuals; by phone and internet, and with groups; in person.

To find our more and to arrange a FREE, informal chat, please email me veronique@veroniquemaria.co.uk