Hello, I’m Veronique Maria, an artist, artist’s mentor, and creativity coach.

I work with committed artists* who want to deepen their understanding of themselves in order to be more closely aligned with their creativity, their sense of purpose and their path.

If your creative practice feels lacking in some way, despite being apparently ‘established’ and ‘successful’, it’s likely that you’ve lost connection with your most important dreams and you’ve drifted off course.

With a strong sense of our creative self (our self referring centre, our core) the whole of life seems to fall so much more easily into place, but we need to keep checking in with ourselves to ensure we remain aligned and on track.

When we are aligned with our creative selves, we are able to turn more freely towards our deepest values and wildest dreams. Liberated from constraints, (be they actual, internalised or imagined) we can live with ease and integrity, and reach cleanly and clearly towards our full potential.

I help artists* face their limitations, explore their patterns, blocks and resistances, and become more comfortable with their choices and their sense of self, as they listen to and respond to their intuition with clarity and confidence.

I want to help you stand firmly in your uniqueness, dance freely in your individuality, and feel truly at home in yourself so you can make the most of your precious creative life.

I work with individuals by phone and on line, and with groups; in person.

To find our more and to arrange a FREE, informal chat, please email me veronique@veroniquemaria.co.uk

artists* – people who place (or want to place) creativity at the centre of their existence, such as: writers, poets, musicians, choreographers, film makers, architects, designers, visual artists, makers….. etc