Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Rumi 

I believe that in its highest form, creativity offers us the ability to express love, and bring spirit into form. The more open we are to receive these things and to share them, the more able we become, to allow these things to flow freely through us.

As an artist’s mentor and creativity coach, I work with individuals and small groups supporting people as they ‘come home’ to themselves and strengthen their relationship with their creative self. My one to one mentoring programs, and group workshops are held on-line or in person and I also lead short courses in creative and professional development at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, Nr Chichester, West Sussex. I’ve worked in the arts and related industries since 1975, working full time as a self employed artist since 1989, and been an artist’s mentor since 1996.

In my own art practice I explore relationships; the relationships we have with ourselves, with others and with all aspects of the world we are a part of. It is my deepest desire is to connect deeply and love well in all aspects of my life, to know the interconnectedness of all beings, the earth and the universal elements and to bring the sense of this into my art work.

I believe that intimacy and communion come out of a certain quality of presence with one’s ‘self’ and the ‘other’. For me, engaging intently with materials and techniques is one way of enabling a certain type of attention and focus which can support mindful presence.

I regularly change genre, materials and techniques in order to become something like a beginner again. The resulting vulnerability (born out of the ‘not knowing’) invites me to become humble, and to surrender. Being in this place is important to my practice.

I make marks, I sculpt, make site specific earth work, create installations and soundscapes. I make artist’s moving image, video and live art performance. I write poetry and mixed genre writing. I always hold my desire to express something around human relationships, and divine communion as the context for my explorations.

Having been a full time artist since 1980’s, I am fully aware that living the life of an artist isn’t necessarily an easy one. We can often struggle to find our way as we come up against internal and external blocks and resistances. We don’t always listen to our most authentic creative voice, let alone respond to it and let it be heard or seen by others. Even when we can hear it we often ignore it, set it aside or ask it to ‘wait until later’! Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone can be difficult. Having an understanding mentor by your side can help us take these vital steps towards a kind of creative liberation.

I’m passionate about supporting people in the process of learning to value their own unique creative self. When we choose to invest fully in this relationship we gain confidence, clarity, ease and a sense of health and fulfilment that is like no other.

about me

Veronique’s lived experience as an artist combined with her knowledge of psycho-spiritual psychology and leadership support my work as coach, mentor and workshop leadeDespite the fact that we are always evolving, we often tend to want to pin ourselves down with definitions around who we are and where we are heading. We say we are ‘this’ and not ‘that’. We say we can do ‘this’ and we can’t do ‘that’. By holding on to these definitions, which of course are just stories around our own limiting beliefs, we end up building walls to defend ourselves against our own creative potential. Sometimes we can be as fearful of success as we are of failure so, either way, we try with all our determination to stay in a familiar safe zone. Of course ultimately there is no safe zone but we cling on to our concept of it any way, ….until one day we wake up, realise the illusion we’ve created for ourselves, and decide to take a ris