Your creative self is my main concern’.

Veronique Maria

The context for my work as an artist’s mentor and creativity coach is always going to be about strengthening your relationship with your creative self. No matter what areas of your life we look at, ‘Your creative self is my main concern’.

I work holistically, considering how all aspects of your life effect your relationship with your creative self. I want you to be able to confidently trust yourself, open yourself up to what is most fundamentally you, live out of that place in all situations, and, as a result, be able to fully embrace creative freedom.

Whilst I often work with established and committed artists; practitioners of live-art, performance, and dance, music, film, and fine art, craft, design and architecture etc, working in an arts industry isn’t a prerequisite for working with me. What’s much more important is your desire to create a closer, deeper, more intimate connection to your creative self. We are all born as creative beings and have potential to grow that part of ourselves.


We generally start with an informal video call. This gives us an opportunity to find out a bit more about each other, ask questions and decide whether or not we’d like to work together.

Having established a desire to work together we then make a commitment to meet, on line, on a regular basis. This is usually weekly at first and consists of a programe of 12 x 60 minute sessions.

In addition to committing to 12 weekly sessions lasting one hour each, it’s important to allow some additional time and space for tasks and exercises each week. These support the work we do in our sessions and will vary according to the needs and time availability of each individual. I’m there to support you and answer questions between sessions via email and text throughout the 12 week mentoring period.

Fine tuning the connection you have with your creative self involves heightening your sensitivity to your intuition and inner wisdom, increasing awareness of your blocks and resistances and generally paying very close attention to your patterns of behaviour and mind states. Practices and processes that support this work will vary with each individual and might include meditation and mindfulness, deep listening and dialogue, journaling, walking, singing and sensing into your body. Dreaming is important too so we might explore day dreaming, night dreaming and lucid dreaming, as appropriate.

Each person’s needs are different so this work is not prescriptive. Your mentoring package is unique and made especially for you so as you change, and I get to know you better, so might our focus and way of working. It can sometimes feel as if we’re dancing in the dark so trust is vitally important, as is the ability to get out of our own way.

Once you’re more closely aligned to your creative self you’ll feel calmer, clearer, and more focused. This will impact all areas of your life. You’ll feel more peaceful and at ease, more purposeful and more well. With creative alignment the whole of life seems to simply flow.

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