Veronique Maria

Group Exhibitions and Performances


2016 Sexcentenary Brighton Various Venues (Live Art Performances) TBC October
2016 Brighton Dome, (Painting Exhibition) BigHeart, Brighton East Sussex
2016 Candida Stevens Gallery, (Painting Exhibition) Chichester, West Sussex
2016 Leaning In and Stay (presentations, talk and video screenings, Various UK Venues)
2015 Performance In Nature in Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada.
2015 Leaning In and Stay - presentations, talk and video screenings, CInemage, Monkton and Richibucto, Canada.
2014 Transmute by CHROMA/Still Point (Orogeny/I Cannot Help) Brighton Digital Festival, Phoenix, Brighton.
2014 The Zone, (Video Screening - ‘I Cannot Help How My Heart Feels’) Blank Studios Portslade, Brighton.
2014 Dirt Dialogues, (Images/Orogeny Video) 20th World Congress of Soil Science (June), Jeju, Korea.
2014 Chi-Art-TV Pallant House (Video Screenings - Rituals, Making Space Fabrica, Vanitas 1 and 2) Chichester, Sussex.
2014 Helene Wurlitzer Foundation (Film Presentations- Orogeny, Vanitas, I Cannot Help How My Heart Feels) Taos USA
2014 Taos Shortz FIlm Festival, (Screening of Orogeny and Public Talk) Taos Community Centre, New Mexico
2014 Cloud Hopper Gallery, Bognor Regis. (Screening ‘Vanitas’ and ‘I Cannot Help How My Heart Feels.’)
2013 Cass Collection Exhibition, Pallant House, Chichester West Sussex. (Sculpture ‘Dream Babe’ and ‘Dinky Pod’)
2013 Dancing Quests, (Co-created Dance Performance with 6 Organisation Leaders) Barcelona, Spain.
2012 On the Edge of the Land, of Practice and of Knowing, (Live Art. Zierle, Carter +14 others) Cornwall.
2011 Chase Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, (Exhibition) Kensington, London.
2011 VESSEL 3 Canterbury Churches (Process 3 Video) Canterbury Kent.
2011 65oN - 19oW Baer Art Centre, (Exhibition with 3 others) Hosfos, Iceland.
2011 Lemon (Exhibition +30 others. Curated-Danny Rolph Critiqued-Sacha Craddock) Anjelika, H.Wycombe.
2010 Exploding Words (co created with Mikhail Karikis +20 others) Tate Modern, Turbine Hall London.


2009 Aspex, (Video Screening - Process 1 and 2) Hampshire.
2009 Arizona State Art Museum (Video Screening - Process 3) Tempe Arizona, USA.
2008 Home Made, Video Shorts, (Video Screening - Process 3) Norwich Arts Centre.
2007 Live Art Falmouth. (Video Screening - Process 3) Cornwall.
2007 Against the Grain, Norwich Arts Centre, (Video Screening- Process 3) Norwich.
2006 LADA/inIVA, EC2. ArtsAdmin, (Live Art Performance +20 with Audience Participation +100) London E1
2006 Number 9 Gallery (Exhibition) Birmingham.
2005 Open 05 ArtSway, (Exhibition) New Forest, Hampshire.
2004 The Otter Gallery, (Exhibition) Chichester, West Sussex.


1999 Turning the Tables, (Exhibition) University Gallery, Chichester, West Sussex.
1998 Museum and Art Gallery, (Exhibition) Worthing, West Sussex.
1997 Town Hall, Chelsea, (Exhibition) London SW3
1997 Art and Sacred Places, (Exhibition) Guildford, Surrey.
1996 Whitworth, (Exhibition) Manchester
1996 Commonwealth Institute, (Exhibition) Kensington, London W8.
1995 The House of William Blake, (Exhibition) London W1
1995 Atkinson Gallery, (Exhibition) Street, Somerset.
1994 The Business Design Centre, (Exhibition) Islington, London N1.
1993 Gardner Arts Centre, (Exhibition) Brighton, East Sussex.


1979 Third Eye Colour Studios, (Exhibition) Mitre Court, Fleet Street, London
1974 Autumn Leaves, (Exhibition) St Margaret’s Main Hall, Bushey, Hertfordshire.

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