Veronique Maria


Veronique Maria was born in London in the late 1950’s, raised in UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore and has been working in the arts since the mid ‘70s. Since 1989 she’s been working full time as an artist, artist’s mentor and creativity coach based in West Sussex on the edge of the South Downs. 

Over the years Veronique has worked in numerous genres including painting, sculpture, live-art performance, earth work, sound, film and writing. She is a practicing Buddhist and Psychosynthesis practitioner and her commitment to these is central to her creative work and her life. Her early and often intense experiences of several spiritual traditions (Maori, Native American Indian, Anglican, and Catholicism) also helps guide, support and direct her. 

She engages deeply with themes of life and death: sexuality, spirituality and mortality and she is particularly interested in how our relationships (with our self, others and the environment) impact upon our ability to express ourselves authentically and fully. She is passionate about supporting others to be creatively free, uniquely themselves, and all that they were born to be.

Veronique has received funded residencies in Iceland, Ireland and New Mexico USA. She has won numerous awards and accolades including Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England since 1995, and has worked with and been mentored by several significant artists such as Sir Antony Gormley, and Prof Danny Rolph. She exhibits and sells her own art work internationally, and her work forms an integral part of several important collections worldwide.

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