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Iíve been working as an artist for nearly fifty years. In my art practice Iíve explored numerous materials and 
techniques (including wood turning, hand and press mould ceramics for sculpture, film, design, photography,
performance,) Iíve even been commissioned to make a monumental, permanent site specific earth and fibrework
in Hampshire 1998-99). Iíve also worked in a variety of arts related industries (including interior and
landscape design, and photo lab for advertising) But no matter where my adventures in creativity have taken
me, Iíve always come back home to drawing and painting.
Since 2014 Iíve been focusing exclusively on creating what Iím calling my ĎGratitude Mandalasí. These
paintings, initially born out of a deepening commitment to and engagement with my Buddhist meditation
practice, followed by a deep appreciation of a being a mother and grandmother. More recently influenced by
physical limitations caused by spinal injuries, Iíve noticed how, over time, the painting process of these
mandalas has actually become my main meditation practice.
The actions of applying layers of colours, collaged paper, pressed flowers, and lacquers are now much more
about surrender and non attachment. My main aim, intention and focus whilst making this work is to engage
solely in the process.
I now see my priority is in the action of applying paint with tiny brushes in layers, repeatedly letting go of
something in order to find and discover something else. I am wanting to deepen my ability to trust and
experience interconnectedness: to feel it, know it, and express myself whilst in that knowing. Simply put, it
could be said that Iím trying to find ways to paint prayer.
Whilst I endeavour to live mindfully and with non attachment, Iím finding now that I need the process of
painting to be specifically earmarked both as my daily devotional practice. Dedicating it to being an act of
loving service (to both myself and others) relieves the inner critic born out of the perceived expectations of
the external world.
Removing these restrictions frees me up to stop thinking and controlling. I can then slow everything right
down, appreciate the present moment, breath, connect to the body, the senses, the spirit, open up my heart,
feel the expansion of pure love and to bask in it for an extended period each day whilst making the work.
I want something of what Iíve experienced in the studio, in the process of Ďmeditating the painting into
existenceí to be manifested in the art work so that the viewer can sense something of this for themselves too:
something of what I experienced in the process, so that they too can know this place, in themselves, as they
perceive, and at some level this might even then become something of a shared experience.